Oxygen and air hoses

We offer diffuser hoses Aero-Tube ™ from Colorite Plastics. This is a hose with very good technical features, at a very competitive price.

Aero-Tube ™ has a team-building structure with one of the most important premises for efficient gas solution in water – the contact area between gas and water. In practice, this means that the gas must be supplied in as small bubbles as possible to get the largest possible surface area for redemption.


Porous wall structure

Aero-Tube ™ has a porous wall structure that allows the gas to be supplied to the water from a multitude of small pores.

Large surface Aero-Tube ™ has an outside diameter of about 25mm. This provides a large surface for gas solution. The inside diameter is about 13mm, which prevents the hose from cracking. The porous wall structure ensures that the hose is sufficiently flexible.


Low energy consumption

Low operating pressure in applications using air blowers, the low operating pressure required in Aero-Tube ™ will provide lower energy consumption per cubic meter of air supplied to the water. This will in turn give lower power consumption to the blowers


We also have tubes designed for air, these are of larger dimensions than the O2 hoses.